Time for change // A little about this blog.

In the beginning there were my video games.  Toys, comic books, si-fi and horror movies and work were all sprinkled in there as well.  Now that I’m married and have two children, things are different.  I still have large piles of games, but instead of being in the living room, they’re in closets.  Room for a family has also left less space for toys and other items that I once sought after in my youth.  However, as my family grows, and my boys get older, I see a large part of me coming through in them.  Cartoons and toys like Transformers and  G.I. Joe are all still a huge part of mainstream media as well as toys like Legos, Tinker Toys and Hot Wheels.  Video games are more prevalent in today’s society then when I was a kid, so in a way many of the iconic symbols that I grew up with haven’t left (although sometimes redos get butchered.)  So, as my sons’ interest in these topics become greater, so do mine, and the term “reliving your childhood” comes to mind.  And so I’m changing my focus.  I see younger people or even friends doing what I used to be doing and feel  a little like that one out-of-order toilet in a row of working ones.  These life changes are still relatively new to me, and while sometimes I do envy what the younger crowd is doing, I would rather be that older, out-of-order toilet.  That toilet has the insight to know that it won’t always be pretty and some things won’t go down very smoothly, but he knows that he can handle it.  Handling the fact that I am not at the center, but others, more needy than myself for knowledge of life, Transformers and video games come before me seeking answers, and I am there to guide them.


One Response to “Time for change // A little about this blog.”

  1. globesmeek Says:

    From one out-of-order toilet to another, welcome back!

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