You want a Polly Pocket instead of a Transformer?  Really?

So, it turns out that my son has entered the phase of “everything I see I want”.  I had expected this, but with some reserve on his part of what the “everything” meant.  But, that’s just what it did mean; everything.  There was no difference between Barbie or Transformer, no want was less important than the other.  Now, Polly Pocket is equally sought after as a DVD of Ice Age 2 and a Puppy in My Pocket commercial suddenly warranted a ” DADDY COME SEE!!!” at the top of his lungs.  I guess we’ll see how this ultimately unfolds.  If on the battlefield that is the floor of his room there are G.I. Joes and Transformers pit against Polly Pocket and some Bratz dolls, I suppose it’s all the same to me… as long as the good guys win.



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